Resin Filled via specifications

  • TraX is able to resin fill through holes and blind vias according to customer requirements. Where required the vias can be capped with copper to make component pads. 

  • The Epoxy Fill will be non-conductive Taiyo THP-100DX1, which is a single component, thermally curable, permanent hole filling material. Technical data sheet is available on our downloads section.

  • The Epoxy Fill is High Tg and low CTE. It is Halogen Free and RoHS Compliant.

  • Aspect Ratio for through holes will be 1:10 and blind vias 1:0.8

  • Board thicknesses to be resin filled will range from 0.2mm to 4.0mm

  • Manufacturing data pack should include a gerber layer indicating all holes which require resin filling.

  • Our Copper Cap plating will be in accordance to IPC-6012D

  • Our Epoxy fill will be in accordance to IPC-6012D