Drilling and Holes

 Design Recommendation

It is recommended that the finished hole diameter be the specified pin or lead diameter plus 0.2 mm.

Finished Hole Sizes drill blow up

Drilling Capabilities

Minimum drilled hole size on 1.55 material (before plating):                    0.25 mm

Minimum plated through holes (1.55 mm material & less):                      0,15 mm finished diameter.

Finished Hole Size Inspection tolerances

The above table applies unless otherwise stated by the customer specifications

Board thickness to hole aspect ratios

Hole Location and Photo Tool Registration Tolerances

Remaining external annular ring after manufacture will be to IPC-A-600


Plating Voids and Hole Imperfections

As per IPC-A-600


Acceptable Visual Imperfections

As per IPC-A-600

Distance Between Holes and from Hole to Edge

Land (Pad) size