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Frequently asked questions

What is the smallest VIA TraX can drill?

The smallest drill we use is 0.25mm and requires a pad of 0.45mm. The finished hole size after plating will be +/- 0.15mm.

What is the aspect ratio for drill size to board thickness?


Does TraX do blind via’s and what is the smallest blind via and its aspect ratio?

Yes, the smallest blind via is 0.15mm and requires a pad of 0.35mm and finish size after plating will be +/- 0.075mm. The aspect ratio needs to be 1:1. Though an aspect ratio of 1:0.8 is preferable.

What is the smallest router?

1mm is our smallest router but we do stock 0.7 and 0.8mm routers for small slots. We also stock slot drills from 0.5mm increasing in increments of 0.1mm.

What is the biggest panel you can produce?

406 x 457mm limited by the size of our ENIG tank. We do HASL on boards as long as 500mm. For bigger sizes contact us.

Can you do countersink holes?

Yes, we use a 90° tool to maximum size of 6.2mm. Other special countersink tools can be arranged on request.

What is the biggest hole you can drill?

The biggest hole we can drill is 6.2mm, but holes bigger than 6.2mm can be made using routing.

Can you do impedance testing?

Yes, if we know which impedances you require we will create a stack-up and test coupon to meet your requirements, using Polar Speedstack and C GEN coupon generator. We do provide impedance test reports on request.

What is the thickness of the mask and legend?

25 to 40 microns

What final finishes does TraX offer?


What type of materials do you use?

Our standard material is Shanghai Nanya FR4 but we stock various other materials

We can also process various other materials which we do not stock, enquire with our sales department.

What mask and legend colors do you supply?

Green, blue, red, black, led white, white and yellow green.

Legend colors: White and black

What mask oversize do you require and what is minimum mask width you can hold?

We prefer a mask oversize of 0.15mm (0.075mm annular oversize), but will also accept 0.1mm oversize. We will hold a mask sliver of 0.1mm (the space between mask pads).

What is the minimum track and space you can achieve?

The minimum tracks and spaces we can achieve depends on the base copper. On 17microns base copper the minimum track and spaces is 0.1mm. Read more

What is the smallest panel Trax will produce?

The smallest production panel we will produce is 275mmx199mm and your MOQ will be whatever fits on this panel.

What does a simple A4 PTH panel cost?

Double-side PTH panel (275mmx199mm) with HASL finish and no fly-probe testing on 8-day FastraX lead time will cost R 2 558.59 excl. vat (including the once-off set-up). We also accept multiple boards on this panel at the same price provided the merged gerber files are supplied.

Prices valid for 2018

Do you produce stencils?

No, but if you supply us with your paste files we will supply you with the stepped paste file, from which your stencil can be produced.

Do you design boards.

No, we do not design boards or populate them.

What must the text width on the legend be?

The minimum text width = 0.1mm and the text height should be no less than 1mm, otherwise the legend print will be smudged.

What specification do you have on Electroplated Gold?

1 micron of electroplated hard gold alloy over 3 microns of electroplated nickel

What are your ENIG specifications?

Nickel 3.5 to 6.3microns and Gold 0.05 to 0.12microns.

What are the Turnaround times for simple PTH boards?

Normal production time will be 15days. This will be your most cost-effective option. We provide a FAST TRAX service which will allow 3,5 and 7-day delivery.

Will you deliver the boards?

Yes. Please allow two days for delivery from your confirmed completion date.

What is the thickest board you can produce?


Why use TraX for high speed digital and RF printed circuit boards?

TraX has been able to position itself as the leading manufacturer of printed circuit boards in the South African market through investing in the following technologies and

• The installation of a Lauffer vacuum transfer press with very accurate temperature and pressure control, with precise press profile control enabling us to reliably press high layer count stackups and hybrid stackups with mixed laminates.
• We are the only manufacturer locally with reverse pulse plating capabilities, which is essential to be able to successfully plate through holes on multilayer pcb’s with an aspect ratio greater than 6:1. Furthermore the plating is more even than regular DC plating an essential attribute for RF printed circuit boards.
• We are the only manufacturer with Polar Speedstack software, allowing us to design and calculate controlled impedance circuit boards. We are also able to design and test controlled impedance coupons to verify simulated results.
• TraX is the only manufacturer in the world and owns the rights to the ASIG (autocatalytic silver immersion gold) process in South Africa through investment by the CSIR and DTI. This finish is perfect for RF circuits as it does not contain the “lossy” Nickel layer. • TraX has recently commissioned and is the only manufacturer in South Africa that is able to offer the MEC VBond process. This is a proprietary surface preparation treatment for high frequency printed circuit boards that replaces mechanical brushing of printed circuit boards which is not suitable for printed circuit boards operating at high frequencies. • TraX has created a partnership with Neltec Europe and has for several years now stocked Mercurywave and Meteorwave RF laminates, as well as their High TG and high speed digital laminates. No other local manufacturer stocks or are able to supply the range of laminates that we supply.