Copper Foil


Materials used by TraX in PCB Manufacture : Simply the Best

Top quality material is the starting point for TraX printed circuit boards - we manufacture to your exact requirement, all the way up to materials of the highest tolerance. 


Details of laminates stocked at TraX

TraX Laminate Material Suppliers Details and Technical Data Sheets

Shanghai Nanya

Shanghai Copper Clad Laminate Co. Ltd is a Shanghai/Hong Kong joint venture specialising in the manufacture of copper clad laminates. The company is certified to ISO9001:2000 with environmental management system ISO14001:1996. Materials supplied to TraX conform to IPC-1401A/21 are RoHS compliant and have UL approval. 

TDS for Nanya laminates and prepreg 

Neltec Mercurywave 9350 Laminates
Mercurywave 9350 is a non PTFE, high frequency, low loss resin system tailored to meet the needs of the RF and Microwave market.With its low loss electrical properties and high thermal reliability,Mercurywave 9350 offers greater flexibility and freedom to design high performance RF and Microwave substrates. 


PDF Data Sheets

Neltec N4000-29 Laminates

N4000-29 is an advanced, lead-free, low-CTE, high Tg (185ºC by DSC) multifunctional epoxy dielectric substrate. This material has been designed for use not only in standard multilayer PCB designs, but for today's toughest, high-performance, lead-free applications.

Rogers Corporation Laminates

RO4000 hydrocarbon ceramic laminates and prepregs possess the properties needed by designers of RF microwave circuits and matching networks and controlled impedance transmission lines.

Taiyo America

Taiyo is a market leader in the supply of soldermask and hole plugging products. Our resin filling equipment was built in collaboration with Taiyo and was designed to work optimally with their hole plugging products.