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Cederburg Scout Adventure 2012

TraX is proud to be supplying the printed circuit boards for the Cederberg Scout Adventure this December.

For many Scouts this will be their first foray into the world of electronics and gives them an opportunity to see what lies under the

hood of todays many electronic gadgets.

This year they will be assembling a GPS receiver, and then will be putting it to good use for geo caching , hiking and map orientation.

We look forward to hearing about the adventures.

Mechanically Drilled Blind Via's at TraX Explained

With the increasing levels of technology on multi layers we are being asked more often about our capability with regards to Blind Vias manufactured in our local plant. Typically Blind Vias are laser drilled microvias and are usually used in fine pitch BGA areas to assist with the routing out of tracks on an internal layer.

TraX does not have the ability locally to manufacture laser drilled microvias, but we do have the ability to manufacture mechanically drilled Blind Vias, such as seen on the adjacent image of a microsection.

Here are some considerations when designing boards with Blind Vias to be manufactured locally using mechanically drilled blind via holes.

  • The blind holes are drilled from the external layer of a multilayer board down to the first internal layer.

  • The LENZ drilling machine used for this purpose is capable of accurately drilling to a controlled depth.

  • A fixed size special blind hole drilling tool is used. This drill makes a conical shaped hole that is amenable to metallisation and electroplating.

  • The blind hole at the entry point will vary slightly in diameter depending on the hole depth but must be taken to be 0.4mm.

  • The via PAD should therefore be 0.8mm (preferred) to 0.6mm minimum (worst case).

  • The dielectric thichness (prepreg) between outer layer and adjacent inner layer can be 0.11mm, 0.125mm or 0.173mm. This thickness ensures the low aspect ratio which is needed to enable electroplating in the blind hole.

Drilled blind hole after metallisation, electroplating and etching.

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