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TraX embarks on Technology upgrade

TraX is proud to announce that we have embarked on a strategic upgrade of our plant to enable us to meet the ever increasing technology demands of our customers, the progress to date is as follows:

Direct Imaging

One of our biggest challenges when dealing with fine line work is the accuracy with which the image (design) needs to register to the drilled holes on the board.

Traditional photographic tools are very sensitive to temperature and humidity which affects their dimensional accuracy.

Phototools are also sensitive to handling and scratches and even dust can result in the exposure of opens and shorts.

To this end we have invested in a direct imaging machine from Miva technologies in Germany , which will be installed in November and commisioned before the end of the year.More details will be be made available in due course.

Technical Specifications:

Maximum image size: 660mm x 762mm

Resolution: 1/9.4 mil / 9400 dpi

Plotting time: Under 100 seconds for a 457mm x 610mm panel

Minimum structure size: 40µ (defined by resist thickness)

Accuracy: absolute: ± 9 µ

Repeatability: ± 4µ

Uniformity: 10% of minimum structure size.

Panel registration: Optical registration system

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