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New Multilayer Press Arrives

New Multilayer Press Arrives at TraX.

We are almost half way through the year and with most of the public holidays behind us we look forward to a busy and productive second half. The last couple of months have seen a number of changes and some exciting re-investment in our plant and machinery.

  • Our HML Opti-drill was sent back to Germany for complete refurbishment and a software upgrade.

  • We doubled the capacity of our ENIG line. This has become necessary as SMT requirements for a flat finish and ROHS compliance has made this finish very popular with our clients.

  • The Cherry on the top however was the arrival and subsequent installation of the new multilayer lamination press. A summary of it's features and what we hope to achieve with this new press are listed below.

  • These investments will allow TraX to continue improving its levels of technology and will further improve quality and capacity within our plant.

Features of the new press:

1. Originates from Lauffer in Germany (a leading and respected manufacturer of hydraulic laminating equipment).This machine features numerous technical advances of the recent past.

2. Semi-automatic operation with manual loading / off-loading.

3. Automatic press management via computer interface and PLC machine control.

4. Hot lamination under vacuum with feed through transfer to separate cooling press.

5.Heating supplied by means of thermal oil from an independent unit.

6. Flexible temperature profiling is possible and precisely controlled. Heat distribution is very uniform across all press platens.

7. The other important operating parameters i.e. Hydraulic pressure and Vacuum are also programmable and precisely controlled by the system.

8. The separate cooling press provides controlled cooling and allows for more productive and efficient use of the hot press and heating system.

9. Although stacking, loading and unloading are manual, the equipment provides mechanical assistance for the lifting and moving of press plates.The manufacturer has placed a high priority on operator safety.

10. The Lauffer software package features comprehensive data logging and record keeping.


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