• Daniel Dock

Happy Birthday TraX

Trax is Celebrating it's 20th Birthday this October and we would like to thank all our customers for their continued support, and we look forward to many more years to come.

Some of the 20 year milestones:

1652: Jan Van Riebeeck lands at the Cape.

1991: The assets of Renak Alumet Circuits were purchased by Andy Chisholm,Viv James and Dave Delbridge and TraX Interconnect(Pty)Ltd was formed.

1994: Trax becomes ISO approved.

First multilayer boards produced at TraX.

1995: Iegsaan Khan is appointed production director.

South Africa wins the Rugby World Cup.

1997: Shadow direct metalisation process is introduced and replaces electroless copper.

1998:First Microcraft Flying Probe Tester installed.

1999: Mike Holst ex T.I joins the winning team as technical manager.

Hot Air Levelling machine commisioned.

2000: First 10 Layer board is manufactured

Second pattern plating line is commisioned.

First lenz drilling machine installed.

Second Flying Probe Tester installed.

Argus spraying machine introduced for soldermask application replacing manual screening process.

2001: Immersion Tin is introduced as a final finish as an alternative to Hot Air Solder Levelling.

First laser Photoplotter commisioned.

2002: Mecer Etchant Recyling plant commisioned.

Purchased Technic 4-spindle router.

Third Flying Probe Tester installed.

Glenbrook X-ray inspection system introduced for inspecting inner layer registration.

2003: Acquired new EIE laser Photoplotter.

2004: Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold is added as a final finish.

Hollmuller Etcher installed giving extremely accurate control of the etching process.

Fourth Flying Probe Tester installed.

Polar Instruments Controlled Impedance testing equipment commisioned.

A second V-score machine is installed (HML)

2005: Second lenz precision drilling machine installed.

HML Optidrill is installed for multilayers.

2006: Trax Offshore Manufacturing (Pty)Ltd is formed to assist our customers with larger volumes.

2007: Lenz precision routing machine installed

South Africa wins the Rugby World Cup a second time.

2008: 11 members of staff pass the IPC inspectors course.

Uniontech final wash & dry system commisioned.

Viv James visits Antartica to explore new business opportunities.

2009: First Aluminium Job & First Copper Job completed.

New SFB 820 exposure machine installed.

Three new lenz drilling machines & a lenz router are added to our drill shop.

2010: Second AOI machine purchased, with special filters to inspect Rogers substrate.

New Pumice and brushing machine installed for AOI.

2011: New Lauffer vacuum transfer press is commisioned.


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