• Daniel Dock

MEC V Bond process commissioned at TraX

Mec V Bond is a proprietary surface preparation treatment for high frequency printed circuit boards that replaces mechanical brushing and cleaning of circuit board inner layers prior to dry film lamination and multi-layer bonding. The process is also perfectly suited as a pre-treatment for solder mask application.

Doing away with mechanical brushing is essential for fine line work and for RF designs operating at very high frequencies.

V Bond is a direct replacement to black oxide and improves adhesion with resin. The adhesion is provided through micro-etching ( less than 1um) of the surface which creates the anchor effect required. In addition the proprietary chemistry used also creates a organic-copper layer which acts as a primer further improving adhesion.

Inner-layer prior to Mec V Bond treatment.

Inner layer after treatment with Mec V Bond. The change in colour of the surface is due to the micro-etching and the film of organic-copper.

The colour change of the copper surface is monitored using a special Minolta camera, which makes analysis of the process quick and easy. The line is fitted with automatic analysis and feed and bleed automatic dosing of the chemistry.

We are very excited about the benefits to our customers that introducing this process provides, in particular those customers requiring high performance RF boards.

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