• Russell Ludwig

Ten Years of SA-CERN

L to R: Anton Tait (TraX Sales Manager), Prof Jean Cleymans (Chairman SA-CERN), Dr Eckhard Elsen (Director for Research and Computing CERN), Prof. Bruce Mellado (Project Coordinator of SA-ATLAS), Russell Ludwig (TRAX Quality Assurance Manager)

“Ten Years of South Africa - CERN (SA-CERN)”

was celebrated at a special event held at iThemba LABS near Cape Town, South Africa, on 19 to 21 November 2018. It highlighted the South African involvement at CERN and the opportunities which have been created for the South African community.

This event commemorated the launch of the SA-CERN programme on 15 December 2008 at iThemba LABS in the presence of representatives from academia, government, students, and members of the press. It was seen as an important opportunity to consolidate the CERN physics programme in South Africa.

TraX Interconnect was invited to be part of this celebration at iThemba LABS. TraX has collaborated with scientists from SA-CERN to manufacture printed circuit boards which is part of South Africa’s contribution towards this research initiative.


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