• Daniel Dock

Factory Life under Covid-19

As we fast approach the middle of the year, it is somewhat challenging to find factory news that is blog worthy. The year started well before being swallowed by the chaos of Covid-19, and the resulting shut down. TraX closed for the first three weeks of the lockdown, but was soon inundated with requests from essential service customers requiring circuit boards for their projects. The first three weeks of shutdown vanished quickly as we tried to figure out how to run the factory with social distancing in the workplace, staff working from home, transport challenges, obtaining our raw materials from the freight forwarders and many other challenges. We re-opened the factory on the 20th April to our new manufacturing reality, and are proud to say that in just over a month we have managed to catch up on all outstanding orders and are currently running ahead of schedule.

We put this short video clip together to thank our loyal customers for their continued support during this difficult time.

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