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TraX Introduces Resin filled vias

November 5, 2019

Advanced adhesion technology introduced for high frequency printed circuit boards production

November 5, 2019

PCB industry dwindling, but has major potential

February 26, 2019

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Drilling for water begins in earnest

February 2, 2018



With water in the City dwindling fast and dam levels at an all time low, the drilling rig arrives on site. With the huge demand for drilling rigs in the Western Cape the only one available was one on tracks. Ironically dark clouds are looming and rain threatens as drilling begins. Complications arose once water was struck as the clay layers above the water strike started to wash out. A rotary mud drilling rig was brought in to try and secure the hole sufficiently to install the PVC casings. Unfortunately things did not go to plan and the PVC casings could not go deep enough into the granite to case off the clay layers.

















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