Verification and Compliance

Controlled Impedance

Controlled impedance design using Polar Instruments equipment and software.

Testing is possible by means of test coupons using Polar Instruments CITS500S2a.

Capability is +/- 10%     

Verification and Compliance

The Printed Circuit boards manufactured are inspected and verified to the IPC specified requirements as described in IPC-TM-650 and the IPC-6012 document (latest).


If required a First Article Report can be generated as supporting documentation for the tests performed.

This report comprises of the following:


  • Acceptance Test Report Summary

  • Hole Size Verification Report

  • Dimensional Measurement Report

  • PCB Thickness &Layup Measurement Report

  • Micro section Report 

  • Solderability Test Report

  • Thermal Test Report 

  • Ionic Contamination & Surface Finish Report

  • Electrical and Impedance Testing Report

Process verification

The Printed Circuit boards manufactured at TraX are stringently inspected throughout the process and each department has inspectors qualified to the IPC -A-600 (Acceptability of Printed Boards) standard. All processes and documents are regularly audited and updated as part of our ISO 9001:2015 quality management system.


Process verification steps: (Not limited to the following)


  • Manufacturability checks at the RFQ stage.

  • Design rule checks during engineering.

  • Generation of net list and net list compare.

  • Laser verification of drill and router sizes on CNC machines.

  • Through hole plating checks done by electronic phascope measurement.

  • Automatic optical inspection of etched inner layers.

  • X-Ray verification of layer to layer registration.

  • XRF measurement of final finish plating thicknesses.

  • Flying probe electrical testing.

  • Final visual inspection.